Belgrade Jewish Community Protests Serbian Government’s Role


Today, August 28th protests are still going on for two months - since June 28th

this is a photo taken on August 1st. 2019


The protesters, who have been gathering daily outside the Justice Ministry, say the government is stoking a conflict involving assets worth millions of dollars between small number of supporters of businessman Danilo Medic, who was elected community president in October 2017, and Sasha Jinker, who was elected in March this year to replace Medic but has not been allowed to take office. Medic is connected with the ruling government party???

The demonstrators are demanding that the Justice Ministry  follows the rule of the law and register Jinker as community president.

The March election was called after critics charged that Medic failed to meet transparency requirements in connection with his handling of communal assets.

The top institution of the JC Belgrade - its Assembly, removed Medic from the position and elected Jinker as the new president. Under the Serbian law, religious communities have autonomy in selecting their leaders. The Ministry just have to register their decision, does not have a role of the arbitrator.


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